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Annoyed with Repulsively Loud Zippers? Here’s How to Silence Them

Almost everyone has been in a situation where they are trying to make as little sound as possible. If you are a spectator at a show or you are moving around a sleeping baby, you need to be as quiet as possible.

Unfortunately, the sound of a zipper can ruin your plans before you even know it. The good news is that there are several easy and simple ways to silence those annoyingly loud zippers.

Choose Plastic Instead of Metal

Preferably, you want to quiet down a zipper without having to remove it. However, you might have no other option at all. If this is the case, you might need to replace the whole zipper with something made from plastic. This will help get rid of the irritating sounds that a metal one often produces.

To detach the old zipper, you need to remove the stitches first and measure for the new plastic one. After this, you will need to do a few precise cutting and sewing motions to finish the job. But in case you are not really the crafty type, leaving the task to the hands of a professional might be your best option.

Use Lubrication

The simplest and fastest way to quiet a zipper is to lubricate it using wax. Candle wax can easily do this job, although surf wax is considered the best option. You can put a generous amount of wax on all parts of the zipper to help hush its components.

This wax will serve as the barrier that will stop sounds. This means that every time you notice any noise, all you have to do is get the wax out and let it work its magic. There is a big chance that you will need to do it several times, especially if you often use the zipper in question.

Use a Paracord to Pull Down a Noisy Zipper

The rattling noise of a metal zipper can annoy you after each pull. An effective way to suppress the noise is to use a paracord. There are a few essentials you need for this job. You will need metal snips and a sharp object or whatever can help you cut out the bottom part of the zipper pull.

After you have prepared all the supplies, you have to form a loop with the paracord and then straighten it. You have to repeat the same process on the other side and after which your paracord will now work beautifully.

Take Advantage of a Zipper Pull Kit

The last but definitely not the least way to soundproof a noisy zipper is to use a zipper pull replacement. New zipper pull kits work well due to their plastic tap. You will hardly notice the sound when you pull it up from the end.

Using these four simple methods to quiet horribly loud zippers will ensure that you won’t cause a ruckus every time you zip up your coat, boots, or backpack. Reliable zipper suppliers such as ZipperShipper.com will assure you that you won’t be dealing with loud zippers.